Introducing Our New Catalog And Safety Solutions Blog


Welcome. We’re glad to have you.

The idea of starting a Pyramex blog is one we in the creative part of the company have been tossing around for quite some time. To have a platform that can house messages for our customers and also provide them with updates on everything from products to company news was an exciting concept, but not one we wanted to dive into without careful planning and consideration.

We asked ourselves several questions. Would this be useful to our customers? Is this a tool that could help us better connect with the people we do business with and even those we don’t? Will we consistently come through with positive, relevant, and thoughtful content?

The answer was clear.

Through this new means of communication, we hope to provide you with better access not only to what we do, but why we do it. Expect posts covering things like product features, highlights from our different trade shows, and customer testimonials as we aim to keep you Performing at Your Peak by keeping you in the know.


The Best Tool You’ll Use All Year

Making style an integral part of safety wear has always been a part of our M.O. 

spine cover

We rang in 2018 with a look unlike any before. With it’s gold foil accents, paper cut-ins, colorful tabs, and contrasting black and white introductory photos, the Pyramex 2018 Safety Solutions catalog has set the standard for our future.

back cover.jpg

To download our catalog, click here.

To view more of the design, click here.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristine says:

    Love the new blog!! Can’t wait to see what’s next!! Keep up the great work Pyramex!!


  2. Charlotte says:

    VERY EXCITED for this!


  3. Donald says:

    Great blog to compliment a fantastic catalog!


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