Hi, 2019 Safety Solutions Catalog


toolbox stack and cover

For this year’s Pyramex catalog, we experiment with both design and content in several ways for one very important reason: to make our products (and the information about them) appear as streamlined and straightforward as possible.

stack cover

We introduced elements like a detailed Table of Contents, informative page footers, product highlights for all lifestyle photographs, and perhaps our biggest change of all in the catalogs increased overall size.

table of contents + cover

Each product line is also now introduced with a highly helpful and informative introductory “What You Need To Know” page, which hosts information about several different factors about products from their color variations to the various standards they meet.


Year after year, providing the best possible offerings for safety wear is the goal we tirelessly work to achieve. We couldn’t do it without you, and we know that. As the cover of our 2019 catalog states: You know the job. We know the protection. And we are pleased to bring you another catalog that exemplifies what it means to step back and embrace simplicity while letting the product speak for itself— all, of course, in the name of safety.

arrangement rollout


To view more images of the catalog, click here.


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